The Battle of 6. August 1870

Find out about this battle that marked the beginnin of the Franco-Prussian War and was to change the face of Europe in 1871. In the course of the day, 43 000 French soliders faced 82 000 troops from the Prussian coalition. The sacrifice of the French so-called “Reichshoffen” cuirsasiers left an impression that has lasted until the present day.

Museum of the Battle of 6 August 1870

Museum of the Battle of 6. August 1870

This museum is devoted solely to the battle waged on the day of 6 August 1870. Recorded in history as the “Battle of Reichshoffen”, it was in truth the battle of Froeschwiller for the French army and the battle of Woerth for the Prussian army. Found on the battlefield, the majority of the items exhibited testify to France’s painful past. A diorama of more than 4000 tin figurines captures a moment in the battle in which so many courageous combatants gave good account of themselves.

Though the documents, pictures and postcards, etc… produced for the purposes of remambrance tourism, form an interesting part of the collection, the firearms, the bladed weapons, the uniforms, the helmets, the caps, the tools and the items necessary of the life of a soldier, form the lion’s share.

A French defeat, which would open the way to the Vosges, and subsequently, to Paris, to the Prussian coalition army, this battle was to result in the 48-year annexation of Alsace and Lorraine to Germany.

The Museum of the Battle of August 6. 1870 welcomes visitors from April 1 to October 31.

Group visits (+10 people) are possible throughout the year by appointment.

Possibility of guided tour of the museum and the battlefield in French, English and German by appointment.

Located in the heart of Woerth Castle

The museum is housed within the grounds of a Renaissance castle, the true origins of which date from the 13th century. What remains is a crenellated keep.

Close to historic places

Please feel free to complete your visit by exploring the Sentier des Turcos and the Route des Monuments, in the vicinity of the Museum. In addition, the digital discovery trail of the Battle of 6 August 1870 also allows you to explore the battlefield on your smartphone with the Mobi’1870 application.

Starting from the museum of the Battle of Woerth, the course of about 8 km (5 miles) take you to the scene of one of the greatest battles of the Franco-Prussian War of 1870.

Admire the monuments to the glory of the combatants. On the way, you will see the many tombs and graves of 20,000 soldiers killed in action in this fatal day.

From the top of the belvedere, you will have a panoramic view of the Woerth region and the hills which saw the famous cavalry charges, and forests that experienced the exploits of brave Turcos.

A foot or motorized guiding on the battlefield may be offered for groups of more than ten people.

An exceptional panoramic view from the top of the castle tower

Visitors to the Museum of the Battle of August 6, 1870 will have the opportunity to climb the floors to reach this highest point
which offers a panoramic view of the town of WOERTH and its surroundings.